Morganite is a pastel-coloured crystal, found in subtle shades of pink, lilac pink and salmon pink. It is usual for these gems to be light in colour, even though some are known to exhibit rich tones. It is a variety of the mineral beryl that also includes emerald and aquamarine.

Morganite was discovered in the early 1900’s in California and thereafter in Madagascar. Known initially as pink beryl, the crystal was renamed morganite in recognition of the financier and gem collector J.P. Morgan. The gem is also known as ‘pink emerald’ and ‘rose beryl’.

These stones are comparatively free of inclusions. The availability of huge Morganite rough allows for the possibility of large faceted crystals. The Brazilian stones can weigh more than ten kilograms.

Metaphysical Meaning

Morganite crystals have been linked to the heart

As a result of its subtle tone of pink, morganite crystals have been linked to the heart. For this reason, morganite rings serve excellently as engagement rings. It has been referred to as the Crystal of Eternal Love.

The vibrationsof morganite subtly heals the heart and opens it to unconditional love, repressed feelings and emotional needs that have not been fulfilled.

Morganite’s energy is also linked to the love of the Heavenly, teaching us that we are all linked to a Universal Heart and form part of a broader design.

Morganite is a symbol of beauty

Morganite crystals are great symbols of beauty. They help one to see the beautiful things in life, the energies of which one could absorb into oneself. The love energy of morganite is said to make its wearer more beautiful both mentally and physically.

The gem with exceptional powers

Gemstones of the beryl group have exceptional powers, which means that the properties of Morganite are superior. These crystals are known to aid further in other aspects of spiritual advancement.

Allow the Crystal of Eternal Love to work its magic for you

The vibration of love provoked by Morganite is extremely powerful. As long as the crystal is within your aura, it has an opportunity to work its magic.

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Allow the Crystal of Eternal Love to work its magic for you!