Shimmers of lavish blue, vivacious violet and purple…

Shimmering in tones of lavish blue, vivacious violet and, brilliant purple, mysterious Tanzanite exists in just one place on earth – the foothills of the grand Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tanzanite is one of the newest gems known to the world

One of the newest gems known to the world, tanzanite is an extraordinary gem by far. A truly African dazzle, it was first unearthed in 1967, in Merelani, an area near Mount Kilimanjaro, in northern Tanzania, clarifying how it derived its name. A Masai tribesman, Ali Juoyawatu is credited with discovering the first tanzanite crystal, a variety of the mineral zoiste.

Existing only along a constricted portion of land in Tanzania, no other source of this exquisite stone has as yet been discovered. For this reason, tanzanite is considered to be rarer than a diamond.

Distinctive in its nature, this unusual gem is trichroic; reflecting different wavelengths of light when viewed along each of its crystallographic planes. Hence, it ranges in vivid colours from blue to violet to purplish-red, its rich hues a mesmerising sight to observe.

The birthstone for December

Tanzanite is a birthstone for December. It is also the chosen gem for a twenty-fourth wedding anniversary.

Metaphysical Meaning

Tanzanite is a premier stone for spiritual awakening

The energy vibrations from tanzanite makes it a premier stone for spiritual awakening. It can stimulate a bond between your mind and the higher realms.

These beautiful violet blue gems stimulate the heart chakra, which connects to the third eye chakra via the throat chakra. This alignment of the three chakras is a commanding vibration that will bring to you a total transformation, allowing you to see the world through a brand-new perspective.

Tanzanite can deliver clarity to ancient destructive beliefs

Hence, tanzanite allows you the opportunity to identify your old patterns and subconscious beliefs that might be obstructing you from living a rewarding and proper life. It can deliver clarity to these ancient destructive beliefs and insight into how you could alter these thoughts to bring healing to yourself.

Tanzanite is a priceless healing tool for aligning the heart and mind

Tanzanite is therefore a priceless healing tool for aligning the heart and mind, thereby
accommodating Spiritual Intelligence. It helps one discover the depth of one’s existence, to build and master one’s life purpose and, link with higher realms of consciousness.

Tanzanite has the ability to inspire development of a broad spectrum of gifts.

If it’s transformation that you desire…tanzanite may be where it all begins

Due to the mysterious dazzle of this unique crystal, tanzanite jewellery has become a trending choice to celebrate one’s magical moments in life. The Eldorado Diamonds
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So, make the best of these precious riches to be loved and treasured for ages…
And if it’s transformation that you truly desire…these magical purplish blue stones may be where it all begins.